Tourmaline Crystal Stone

With a huge number available, it tends to be difficult to come by one that suits your style and which makes you stick out. Because of its novel properties, tourmaline, like tourmaline noire, is an exceptional crystal stone that can show more than one tone contingent upon the point from which you check it out.

What is a tourmaline?

Tourmaline is fundamentally a glass like silicate mineral that is contained out of a huge number of components. In tourmaline you can track down potassium, lithium, sodium, magnesium, aluminum, iron and others. As per the expert groupings, tourmaline is viewed as a semi-valuable stone which can be tracked down in a huge number of varieties. The synthetic organization can influence the shade of the stone and the presence of iron specifically can decidedly impact a tourmalines esteem.


This crystal stone was found without precedent for Sri Lanka and it was shipped off Europe during the fifteenth sixteenth 100 years. In the eighteenth century many individuals called it a Ceylonese magnet in light of its attractive and pyroelectric properties – repulsing hot cinders. On account of these properties, physicists involved it during the nineteenth 100 years to spellbind light, among numerous different things.

Tourmaline assortments and varieties

Tourmaline can be tracked down in 3 unique assortments. You have the Schorl which is more often than not experienced in a caramel dark or plain dark structure, and afterward you likewise find the Dravite which is experienced in dim yellow to tanish dark. The last assortment comes as Elbaites, and these are more unique since they come in many tones. The rubellite, verdelite, achroite and indigo are the principal Elbaites that are found.

Tourmaline structure

This mineral comes as a six-part ring of cyclosilicates, given in a three-sided framework. A long arrangement of crystals brings a bunch of bended striated faces.

What makes tourmaline unmistakable and altogether different when contrasted with different minerals is the way that it has a crystal, which has three sides. Therefore, it is a one of a kind mineral as none other can be found which holds such properties.


Many kinds of tourmaline accompany attractive capacities, which come for the most part from the high iron focuses that you can track down in them. Thus, tourmaline is utilized in an assortment of mediums to recognize metal.

Tourmaline medicines

A few tourmalines are treated to work on the ongoing tone. To do that they should be changed with an intensity therapy. It’s vital to note that the lucidity improved tourmalines have a decreased worth when contrasted with the ordinary, non-treated tourmaline.

Brazil is the world’s biggest maker of Tourmaline with probably the best blue instances of the stone being tracked down there. Different areas incorporate Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and numerous nations in Africa, including Namibia. We visited Namibia for a very long time toward the beginning of 2015 looking for certain Tourmalines to purchase for researching moral mining rehearses in the country.